Motorama – iStock Photo Marketing Fail

I’ve received a lovely marketing e-mail from Motorama today. The feature picture has clearly been taken from iStock Photo.

What is so bad about that you ask? Well nothing much, but normally if you use photos you purchase them. You don’t leave the watermarks on a pre-purchased image in your marketing material. I’m also not to sure how the guys at iStock Photo feel about it either.

Take a look at the e-mail below or use their friendly link here:

For those of you who are after some more detailed information

from:  Motorama via
sender-time:  Sent at 11:53 AM (GMT+10:00). Current time there: 6:45 PM. ✆
to:  me :)
date:  Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 11:53 AM
subject:  Jingle your way to a new car this Christmas!

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