How to get a linebreak in Microsoft Excel (Mac & PC)

I’ve only recently come across a keyboard short cut to get a linebreak within a cell using Microsoft Excel which proved to be fairly useful.

A linebreak being carriage return, new line, break, ‘enter’ type of character (now I’m sure someone will correct me and say that they are all different things… but within excel… is it really?) or whatever you want to call it isn’t that hard to do. You can open up notepad/textpad and simply ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ the carriage return in excel and it will work, it just isn’t the easiest solution.

So how do you do it? Well depending on if you are using Windows or an Apple machine it is slightly different so find some simple instructions below.

PC \ Windows:

Press ‘Alt‘ + ‘Enter/Return

Mac \ Apple:

Press ‘Control‘ + ‘Option/Alt‘ + ‘Enter/Return