Battlefield 3 – Simulator

Graphics in games are improving year after year. Computer hardware itself is becoming more advance and when reaching the limits Intel, AMD, ATI, NVidia and other giants come up with yet another idea on how to get to the next level.

When I was building my first PC there wasn’t even the concept of multi cored CPU’s (or even dual core at the time). Graphics card were limited to a single GPU and a single card in the PC. Now you can get Intel’s i7 CPU’s which keep on adding multi threaded cores, multiple graphic cards all connected to the one computer performing once task.

So what is next? Well probably more cores and more processing power but for a gaming experience like no other you are entering into the real of simulation.

The Gadget Show aired an episode recently where a team put together a Battlefield 3 simulator. This included projects, automatic paint ball guns, treadmills, etc to get a life like experiencing while playing Battlefield 3.

For more details check out the show on youtube or click play below!

Battlefield 3 – Real Life – There is a Canal

We have seen them before but as my current flavour of FPS is EA’s Battlefield 3 I can appreciate the effort put into the following youtube video.

Basically people shoot footage and overlay it with graphics from the game to get a realistic real life version of the game. Here is the latest one I’ve watched and thought I would share it you all.