If your looking for a super safe, 100% up time with all the good stuff – go elsewhere!

If your looking to host a clan site, play around with something yourself and generally want to do the right thing. I might be able to help you out and give you some space to play with.

The server is based in Sydney, Australia and depending on your needs I can come up with something.

Warning: If you abuse it, don’t use it (seems inactive) or complain be prepared to have your account deleted.¬†Also the life of your site, hosting and everything is random and isn’t¬†guaranteed.

You are responsible for your data, back ups and site security. Just remember, it free! If you need something more than go check out a paid hosting site I’m sure you can find some cheap hosting in the States which will get you started.

Sounds like a not so great deal!

Yep, your are correct but in saying all the bad stuff this site has been around since July 2nd, 2004 so it can’t be that bad? Right?