So you feel the need to contact me, well your in luck!

The below form, if filled in correctly has a 50% chance of being routed to me and 50% chance it will subscribe your e-mail address to 10,000 spam websites. The next 40% will have a chance in getting a reply leaving a 20% chance that the form wont work.

TLDR: I’ll probably get an email and I’ll probably reply if I see it.

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. You have to demote Kalth on the Sporadic Mind teamspeak 3…and give channel admin to “my hands smell like jizz”, both are for the [LOLZA] channel. It is for the greater good.

    • After much thought, I’ve decided that your comment isn’t spam. However with out ‘hands that wreak of power’ I don’t see how the user can be promoted.

  2. Hey, could we have a new channel on sporadic minds server named “Team [LOLZA] #2″. Channel admin being myself meka [hype], theres a bit of a divide atm and we need some more room.

    • Done, permission will have to get sorted out when everyone is online however. (It is just easier that way).

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