The first apps I install on a new Mac

When you get a new mac or do a fresh install there are some applications which you install almost immediately. These might not be my most used or in favourite applications but they are part of my initial set up.

  1. NTFS Support (for writing to USB’s that are shared with Windows
    Paragon NTFS for Mac or Tuxera NTFS for Mac
  2. Little Snitch
  3. Chrome
  4. Dropbox
  5. KeePass
  6. Divvy
  7. iStat Menus
  8. Transmission or uTorrent
  9. UnRarX
  10. Toast Titanium

Any application that I should have up there instead? Do you have a better alternative to something I use?

Left 4 Dead 2 – Massive Player Increase

If you read my Christmas post and were taking a look at the steam sales you may have noticed Left 4 Dead 2 was free!


Thanks to you can see the player base increase dramatically! It has gone from 5,000 to 10,000 players to a spike of 134,000 and 163,000! The servers are full, being filled all the time and users are having to create their own servers to play a game. Any dedicated server that get put up normally has it filled.


If your a veteran to the game, make sure you help out all the new guys and don’t rage at them as this can be a huge boost in your community. The people playing the game has to be a great thing.

My Predictions? This is a clever marketing technique! Give a game an old game out for free, release L4D3 a few months later. I haven’t heard anything about L4D3 and I for the record, I haven’t looked either but I suspect we will see L4D3 come out in 2014 of the back of this give away.

Android Support vs iOS Support

I come across a great article which outlines iOS Updates and support for their devices versus Android.


Some of the major highlights for me are:

  • Some devices on day one, were a major release behind
  • All phones aside from the Nexus range were being sold with an out of date OS

If you which to read the full article and how everything was caluclated take a look over at Would be great to see it include tablets in future updates/revisions.

Bot Lane “Fast Lane” League of Legends Parody Rap

Came across this League of Legends rap which is pretty good! Keep struggling to find it on youtube so posting it up here!

Swag Meets Piffle doe.

Typography by: Dulee Kim (KodeVu)

Download DOE:…
Facebook Leek Page DOE:…

Uh, First verse, Uh, My flow’s got an OP design an
My life’s flier than a Baron Corki on auto pilot
Before you get this work, I kill y’all with tauntin
I kill ya, My bruiser support’s damage hurts worse
You’ve been warned, Now let the bodies all hit the floor
Snag me a carry and treat him like $20 whores
Leave him with his Blitzcrank screamin out “Lord abort”
And hang him by his circuits on the horn of an Alistar
Your ranking’s elo is mad low, As your creep score
Claimin you dangerous, Anus, Bet you could blow your own
Penis, Suck and you’re bad bro, Me and ” ” punching the gas
So I’m basically sayin check out my Sag, Pro

I might rap tight as Irelia’s Frost tights
I lack a sane mind, My play time is crazy
My bravery is like a Mundo, You still a baby
I like to kite fights daily

Catch me with my burst Annie, Bumpin Kass Cass baby
Screaming Piffle till I die Like I’m CLAMPing to my life, Feel amazing
So I’m trolling to the fullest, Till they gank me, Screaming YOLO and I’m gay
Now I’m thinkin bout this nice, nice halfie
Wait, Don’t block me I promise that I’ll behave (Maybe)
Let me tell you what this classy little halfies name is cause he’s kinda famous
And I hope that I don’t sound to heinous when I say this
Sonny Psydup, But I wanna get your penis in my anus

You fans think that I’m a Goddess
Just from watching, All my antics, See your zealot as narcotics
I don’t get it, But I got it
Like the focus of a magazine pho-tah-graph
Called Popushi with a big fat P I’m here to make my mark
Maybe you should listen when I sing that I’m mid bitch
Cause I’mma ride this Di like a moon disc
You don’t wanna become another victim of my big bad bear Tibs,
cause after I burst damage, I’mma treat these new scrubs like a doctor dog
I’mma gank like Shen bitch So get this dick, I’mma live this

I’m livin life down in bot lane
Movin at the speed of Kennen and I can’t slow down
Only got a some pots during lane phase
But I almost got my double Doran’s and my lane is pushed out
I don’t really care what you buildin, Just makin you cry
Just gon farm til I’m ganked, And fight til I die
I’m livin life down in bot lane (Middle better meddle)
Life down in bot lane (Middle better meddle)

Uh, Yeah, My whole goal as a Draven’s to blow through Tanks and Maidens
Greatest cadence, Slayin on Fields of Justice, I’ll leave you prayin
My dope flow has got essence, Retrieved from inspiration
I made a pact with The Yordles that says, “I’ll have you take me
Up to the top, Let me strike a pose, And have Jesus hate me
Go back and forth like, Randoms who feeds and get to raging
I’m livin the life of the spirited Udyr now, You’re limited, Pinging around
Your Junglers ulti is down, Diving him ow, Exiting out the vicinity

Now, Was called Han0n1, Done many great things, Then I got on League
Never Gonna Lane and One Week now,
Get your views up or sit back down
Looking around like you don’t even have the slightest clue what you’re gettin in now
Yeah little t-t-trashbad,
Come get a small wiff of the big cheese now
Did I s-s-stutter, I am not a timid little Mummy, But…it’s still a wrap
When you hear me coming, Plus you’re paralyzed like a wheelchair dummy
And she came to bot lane with Rawbito, To hold this shit down
Like a Shichi bukai in the water, It’s goin d-down
Eric when you write, You got them captivated, Just by the way
That you keep using these words- I ain’t talkin bout birds,
But I’ll wing it this turn And my strut is firm,
When I talk my verbs, So no excuses Those are use-l-ess
Otherwise I’m gonna have to make the top of the game world wide exclusive

And then after we make it exclusive, Gonna be allusive to the new school, It’s
just gonna be another day in the life of Rawb Rapper’s immaculate
Ecstatic masses matchin the main attraction
With acrobatics flyin, Bowin down like Ashe’s weapon
Meaning I’m the icing on the top, Might wanna wrap ya cake up
Save it for Fiddlesticks, When we head to Baron Nashor, Gonna kill it
You would normally ward ya lane up, We don’t do shit
Cause these noobs is just like support played by a random
Taking the farm of your AD Carry, Meaning they gimped

Now make that dragon DROP Bombs on North Korea, What boy
I’m the instigator, Nitiator for fighting, Be the King of the Diamond ranked later
Tell your boyfriend that I’m your new savior
You rollin’ with a player, you won’t be exaggeratin when you say you’re livin

I’m livin life down in bot lane
Movin at the speed of Kennen and I can’t slow down
Only got a some pots during lane phase
But I almost got my double Doran’s and my lane is pushed out
I don’t really care what you buildin, Just makin you cry
Just gon farm til I’m ganked, And fight til I die
I’m livin life down in bot lane (Middle better meddle)
Life down in bot lane (Middle better meddle)


How to get a linebreak in Microsoft Excel (Mac & PC)

I’ve only recently come across a keyboard short cut to get a linebreak within a cell using Microsoft Excel which proved to be fairly useful.

A linebreak being carriage return, new line, break, ‘enter’ type of character (now I’m sure someone will correct me and say that they are all different things… but within excel… is it really?) or whatever you want to call it isn’t that hard to do. You can open up notepad/textpad and simply ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ the carriage return in excel and it will work, it just isn’t the easiest solution.

So how do you do it? Well depending on if you are using Windows or an Apple machine it is slightly different so find some simple instructions below.

PC \ Windows:

Press ‘Alt‘ + ‘Enter/Return

Mac \ Apple:

Press ‘Control‘ + ‘Option/Alt‘ + ‘Enter/Return

Marshall Soulful Jones performs ‘Touchscreen’

So I’ve discovered a somewhat random youtube channel, and from that channel I ended up discovering a few random videos. Well perhaps the videos on the channel aren’t so random.

The channel: speakeasynyc

Basically the channel is videos of live performances from the Bowery Poetry Club. For more information on the Bowery Poetry Club visit their site:

The video: I’ve embedded it below, but it is one of many. I thought I would share this one as it makes reference to the digital world we live in today and provokes some thought about how distance from humanity we are becoming.

It is also a different style to poetry which I had in my mind. It is short (a few minutes), entertaining, relevant to today and also engages you on a different level as it is communicated via voice. With out it being conveyed through speach I’m not sure any of the poems would carry as much meaning.

For those who are still not interested, just look at all the popping this guy does during the poem.

Marshall Soulful Jones, part of Team Nuyorican 2011, 2nd place finishers at the National Poetry Slam in Boston, performs “Touchscreen”. The Bowery Poetry Club NY

SOPA Blackout Summary

Well the SOPA Blackout went as planned. A fair portion of the internet participated, however had one of the best blackout pages I saw on the internet. Mainly due to the below animated gif.

Other than that, for a summary of what happened sent out a nice summary e-mail. See below:

Today was nuts, right?

Google launched a petition.  Wikipedia voted to shut itself off.  Senators’ websites went down just from the sheer surge of voters trying to write them.   NYC and SF geeks had protests that packed city blocks.

You made history today: nothing like this has ever happened before.  Tech companies and users teamed up.  Tens of millions of people who make the internet what it is joined together to defend their freedoms.  The free network defended itself.  Whatever you call it, the bottom line is clear: from today forward, it will be much harder to mess up the internet.

The really crazy part?  We might even win.

Approaching Monday’s crucial Senate vote there are now 35 Senators publicly opposing PIPA.  Last week there were 5.   And it just takes just 41 solid “no” votes to permanently stall PIPA (and SOPA) in the Senate.  What seemed like miles away a few weeks ago is now within reach.

But don’t trust predictions.  The forces behind SOPA & PIPA (mostly movie companies) can make small changes to these bills until they know they have the votes to pass.  Members of Congress know SOPA & PIPA are unpopular, but they don’t understand why–so they’re easily duped by superficial changes.  The Senate returns next week, and the next few days are critical.  Here are two things to think about:

1. Plan on calling your Senator every day next week.  Pick up the phone each morning and call your Senators’ offices, until they vote “no” on cloture.  If your site participated today, consider running a “Call the Senate” link all next week.

2. Tomorrow, drop in at your Senators’ district offices.  We don’t have a cool map widget to show you the offices nearest you (we’re too exhausted! any takers?).  So do it the old fashioned way: use Google, or the phonebook to find the address, and just walk in, say you oppose PIPA, and urge the Senator to vote “no” on cloture.  These drop-in visits make our spectacular online protests more tangible and credible.

That’s it for now. Be proud and stay on it!

–Holmes, Tiffiniy, and the whole Fight for the Future team.