Server Down Time – DDoS Attack

Yesterday, Tuesday 3rd the server come under a DDoS attack.

As a safety measure the server was taken down until an investigation could take place. This will have disruptions to hosting, Team Speak and emails.

Stay tuned for updates!

TS3 Server has been up and running for 14 hours now. Chances are an IP change will happen in future as a result of the attack but you shouldn’t be using an IP to connect to TS3 anyway!

Server IP Address Change

Just a nice short update. The server tonight will be changing it’s IP address.

Currently it is and is being routed through Melbourne (server is hosted in Sydney). Below is a trace route of the current (soon to be old) IP / route:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 1.468 ms 2.784 ms 2.050 ms
2 ( 15.836 ms 15.942 ms 16.926 ms
3 ( 20.702 ms 18.010 ms 18.397 ms
4 ( 29.140 ms 28.665 ms 29.396 ms
5 ( 34.272 ms 28.309 ms 28.032 ms
6 * * *
7 ( 80.532 ms 30.049 ms 29.976 ms
8 ( 43.297 ms 45.158 ms 41.198 ms
9 ( 88.395 ms 86.418 ms 43.024 ms
10 ( 47.093 ms 44.037 ms 41.943 ms
11 ( 43.362 ms 85.562 ms 92.111 ms
12 ( 43.895 ms 44.605 ms 44.171 ms
13 ( 44.644 ms 88.784 ms 74.258 ms
14 * * *
15 ( 67.395 ms 57.228 ms 58.656 ms

The IP change will put the server back within a subnet within Sydney so it should tidy things up a bit. This shouldn’t effect anyone (or only briefly), not unless you are using an IP address to connect to Team Speak.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to add a few more icons and images to the channels to try and stop it looking like every other boring server. I’ll update this post when the new IP has been made available.


The new IP Address of the server is:

Also thought I would add the trace route so you can now put everything into context. Huge improvement!

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 2.093 ms 1.705 ms 3.049 ms
2 ( 17.979 ms 18.231 ms 18.507 ms
3 ( 18.033 ms 18.633 ms 24.083 ms
4 ( 41.944 ms 29.255 ms 29.555 ms
5 ( 31.117 ms 32.559 ms 31.031 ms
6 * * *
7 ( 30.250 ms 30.209 ms 34.599 ms

Server Network Outage

Last night there was some a small network outage on the server as work was being done in the data center. This hasn’t effected the server directly but prevented access to the server via the internet while the work was being carried out.

Currently the server is being routed through Pacnet instead of the usual PIPE link.

Hosting & TS3 should all now be fine.

[EG] – Endless Gaming shut down

For around year 8 years [EG] had been up and running until recently…. Tonight however the account has been deleted and [EG] may indeed have ended.

[EG] outside of it main site ( hosted Red Faction maps, patches, images, files and supported the Australia Red Faction community (OzRF – During this time there were only 2 other main sites, one which required you to register and the other which (was far better) but had its ups and downs (outages).

During the decline of Red Faction newer games [EG] became dormant as a crew but continued to host files for the community. The record amount of data transferred in any one month peaked at 123.06 GB in bandwidth. Up until its last few months it was averaging around 350 MB a month

[EG] provided hosting, TeamSpeak 2 channel hosting and members of the crew hosted dedicated Red Faction servers when they could. Much of the services which [EG] offered have now moved over to in a more generic fashion.