uA – Beyond Blue Charity Stream

A quick congratulation to the guys over at uA – who participated in an 8 hour charity stream.

During the stream that managed to raise $1010


During this time we had over 100 people on the Team Speak server, many who were participating in the online games being streamed. Well Done guys!

Server IP Change

Hi all,

Just a quick message to let you all know that the IP address of the TS3 server has changed. You may need to flush your cache/DNS if you are having issues, however the server is up and running!

When you ping you should get a different result to If not you still have the old DNS cached.

Otherwise the new IP is:!

Server Down Time – DDoS Attack

Yesterday, Tuesday 3rd the server come under a DDoS attack.

As a safety measure the server was taken down until an investigation could take place. This will have disruptions to hosting, Team Speak and emails.

Stay tuned for updates!

TS3 Server has been up and running for 14 hours now. Chances are an IP change will happen in future as a result of the attack but you shouldn’t be using an IP to connect to TS3 anyway!