The first apps I install on a new Mac

When you get a new mac or do a fresh install there are some applications which you install almost immediately. These might not be my most used or in favourite applications but they are part of my initial set up.

  1. NTFS Support (for writing to USB’s that are shared with Windows
    Paragon NTFS for Mac or Tuxera NTFS for Mac
  2. Little Snitch
  3. Chrome
  4. Dropbox
  5. KeePass
  6. Divvy
  7. iStat Menus
  8. Transmission or uTorrent
  9. UnRarX
  10. Toast Titanium

Any application that I should have up there instead? Do you have a better alternative to something I use?

Happy New Year 2013

Now move along!

Nothing to see here.

Language Happy New Year!
Afrikaans Voorspoedige nuwe jaar
Arabic Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair
Basque Urte Berri on
Bengali Shuvo noboborsho
Chinese (Cantonese) Sun nien fai lok
Chinese (Mandarin) Xin nian yu kuai
Czech Stastny Novy Rok
Danish Godt NytÅr
Dutch Gelukkig nieuwjaar
Esperanto Bonan Novjaron
Finnish Onnellista uutta vuotta
French Bonne année
German Ein glückliches neues Jahr
Greek Eutychismenos o kainourgios chronos
Hawaiian Hauoli Makahiki hou
Hebrew Shana Tova
Hungarian Boldog uj evet
Indonesian (Bahasa) Selamat Tahun Baru
Italian Felice Anno Nuovo or Buon anno
Japanese Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu
Korean Sehe Bokmanee Bateuseyo
Laotian (Hmong) Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab
Latin Felix sit annus novus
Nigerian (Hausa) Barka da sabuwar shekara
Norwegian Godt Nytt År
Philippines (Tagalog) Manigong Bagong Taon
Polish Szczesliwego Nowego Roku
Romanian La Multi Ani si Un An Nou Fericit
Samoan Ia manuia le Tausaga Fou
Spanish Feliz año nuevo
Swahili Heri za Mwaka Mpya
Swedish Gott Nytt År
Thai Sawatdee Pi Mai
Vietnamese Chuc mung nam moi
Welsh Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Left 4 Dead 2 – Massive Player Increase

If you read my Christmas post and were taking a look at the steam sales you may have noticed Left 4 Dead 2 was free!


Thanks to you can see the player base increase dramatically! It has gone from 5,000 to 10,000 players to a spike of 134,000 and 163,000! The servers are full, being filled all the time and users are having to create their own servers to play a game. Any dedicated server that get put up normally has it filled.


If your a veteran to the game, make sure you help out all the new guys and don’t rage at them as this can be a huge boost in your community. The people playing the game has to be a great thing.

My Predictions? This is a clever marketing technique! Give a game an old game out for free, release L4D3 a few months later. I haven’t heard anything about L4D3 and I for the record, I haven’t looked either but I suspect we will see L4D3 come out in 2014 of the back of this give away.

Android Support vs iOS Support

I come across a great article which outlines iOS Updates and support for their devices versus Android.


Some of the major highlights for me are:

  • Some devices on day one, were a major release behind
  • All phones aside from the Nexus range were being sold with an out of date OS

If you which to read the full article and how everything was caluclated take a look over at Would be great to see it include tablets in future updates/revisions.

uA – Beyond Blue Charity Stream

A quick congratulation to the guys over at uA – who participated in an 8 hour charity stream.

During the stream that managed to raise $1010


During this time we had over 100 people on the Team Speak server, many who were participating in the online games being streamed. Well Done guys!